Epson commercial and Industrial Printers

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Epson’s large format printing technology enables you to brilliantly visualize your ideas and make your mark on the world.

Epson Large Format Printer Series

The SureColor SC-T series are large format wireless printers that are suitable for printing graphics, posters, and CAD drawings. The SC-T3100 and SC-T5100 series are single roll printers, while the SC-T5200 and SC-T7200 series are dual roll printers. The SC-T3100M-MFP and SC-T5400M-MFP are multifunction printers that include scanning and copying capabilities. The SC-T5200PS and SC-T7200 PostScript & HDD models include an Adobe PostScript unit. The SC-P series are photo and fine art printers that are available in a range of sizes, including the SC-P900 Roll Unit Bundle, SC-P700, SC-P7500, SC-P7500 Spectro, SC-P9500, SC-P5000 Series, SC-P20000, SC-P6000 Series, SC-P7000 Series, SC-P8000 Series, and SC-P9000 Series. The SureColor SC-F100 is a dye-sublimation printer designed for fashion, sportswear and promotional products.

All of the printers listed above are manufactured by Epson, a leading brand in the printing industry. Bright IT FZC is a company based in the United Arab Emirates that sells Epson products, including the SureColor series, in the UAE and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region. They offer these printers to the market of commercial printing, sign making, GIS mapping, and CAD/GIS. They also provide the service, maintenance, and spare parts for the products they sell.


SureColor SC-T7700D
SureColor SC-T5100M
SureColor SC-T3100M-MFP – Wireless Printer
SureColor SC-T3405
SureColor SC-T5405 – wireless printer
SureColor SC-T3100x 240V
SureColor SC-T5400M-MFP 240V
SureColor SC-T3100 Series
SureColor SC-T5100 Series
SureColor SC-T5200 PS MFP
SureColor SC-T5200D MFP PS
SureColor SC-T3200 Series
SureColor SC-T7200D (Dual Roll)
SureColor SC-T5200D (Dual Roll)
SureColor SC-T7200D (Dual Roll Post Script kit)
SureColor SC-T5200
SureColor SC-T5200PS – (Adobe postscript unit)
SureColor SC-T7200 PostSript & HDD
SureColor SC-T7200 (with Stand)


SureColor SC-P900 Roll Unit Bundle
SureColor SC-F100
SureColor SC-P700
SureColor SC-P7500
SureColor SC-P7500 Spectro
SureColor SC-P9500
SureColor SC-P5000 Series
SureColor SC-P20000
SureColor SC-P6000 Series
SureColor SC-P7000 Series
SureColor SC-P8000 Series
SureColor SC-P9000 Series

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